Already building up a wide-ranging portfolio of work:
Management of land supply for the delivery of affordable housing- for the Chartered Institute of Housing, funded by the Housing Corporation and English Partnerships
Working with CIH Consult, Green Balance and Alan Wenban-Smith
This study, based on interviews, case studies and a review of practice, looks at the methods employed by all sectors to mange the supply of land, assesses the effects on the delivery of affordable housing and makes recommendations for improvements in practice.

Using the performance framework to drive improvement in planning - for the Local Government Association, funded by Communities and Local Government
This project looks at the impact of the new local government performance regime on spatial planning and assesses how it can be used to improve aspects of planning practice.  It is based on a desk study and interviews with key players and will result in a guide for practitioners and politicians.

Effective Democracy for Sustainable Communities - funded by the I&DeA Working with Julie Cowans, Prof. Vincent Goodstadt and Prof. Janice Morphet
These 24-hour training sessions are designed to provide councillors in areas of growth and change with a greater understanding of the corporate role of local authorities, the priorities of the development industry the nature of sustainable communities and the need for partnership working.  It has already been delivered in Norwich and Taunton.

Planning for Housing – Policy and Process - for Hawksmere, funded by the Housing Corporation
This project, completed in October 2007, provided nine training days to Housing Corporation investment and regulation staff, focussing on the relationship between their work and the planning system in terms of providing affordable housing.  The training took place in the Corporation’s regional offices